Loosen up your muscles with our sports massages in Worthing

Do you have back pain? A massage can help you. Contact me for more information about our massage services.

A variety of massages

Massages help reduce fatigue and relieve muscle tension. At The Garden Room, I provide a range of massages.
A sports massage is a deep tissue, remedial massage. It can be used for the general musculoskeletal system and can also be used to help with localised problem areas for the release of tense muscles. Visit my beauty salon in Worthing for a thorough relaxing massage.
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Swedish massage

Sports and Swedish massages

Sports massages
It can be very beneficial to those suffering from sports injuries, whiplash and work related back, neck, and shoulder conditions that require a deeper type of massage.
  • 30 minutes - £27.00
  • 45 minutes - £35.00
  • 60 minutes - £48.00
  • 75 minutes - £54.00
  • 90 minutes - £60.00

Swedish massages
A relaxing massage that can be gentle or firm depending on your preferred choice of pressure. Good for general relaxation, reducing stress, anxiety and general body aches and pains.

  • 30 minutes - £25.00 
  •  60 minutes - £40.00
  • 75 minutes - £48.00 
  •  90 minutes - £55.00
In addition to these, our team also provides waxing services.
Pre-blended aromatherapy

Pre-Blended Aromatherapy and Indian head massages

Pre-Blended Aromatherapy massages
A gentle, soothing and deeply relaxing massage. It is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving stress related conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, and headaches.

  • 45 minutes (Back / neck / shoulder and head) -  £35.00
  • 75 Minutes (Full body) - £50.00
Indian head massage
This is a gentle healing treatment performed on the scalp, neck, shoulders and upper arms. Good for stress, anxiety, tension, headaches and eyestrain. A perfect treatment for people who spend long hours in front of a computer.

  • 30 minutes - £25.00
  • 45 minutes - £34.00
Would you like a manicure after your massage? We can take care of that for you.
With over 30 years of experience I have the skills needed for a superb massage. Visit my salon in Worthing. Call us on 01903 533 566
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